Smartphone Confessions

A collection of smart anecdotes
The lower my screen time the happier, more peaceful I feel
Female, 27, France
The smartphone lets me listen to a lot more new music, I can discover new music while commuting or cleaning.
Someone, 31, Canada
Any smart (or dumb) anecdote about smartphones?
The smartphone would be better if they self destructed
Male, 25, New Zealand
i always have night mode on on my phone because the regular blue light screen gives me a headache.
Female, 20, United States
Holding my phone all the time is making my hand ache permanently
Female, 29, United States
What do you like about smartphones?
Holding my phone all the time is making my hand ache permanently
Female, 29, United States
I like playing hill climb racer 2 for way too long in the morning
Male, 21, United Kingdom
every evening i have to balance my phone just in the right position for it to charge it feels like a pet i need to please it feels like a lighter in the snow it's very satisfying when it does charge i have kind of gotten the hang of it by now
Someone, 17, France
Do you think you could have Nomophobia? (a fear or worry at the idea of being without your mobile phones or unable to use it)
I like using it to find new music, chat with friends.
Female, 26, France
I like
Someone, India
The smartphone would be better if it never existed
Someone, Australia
Do you have any personal rituals related with your smartphone?
The smartphone would be better if it never existed
Someone, Australia
I've had a few recurring dreams where my phone got hacked before I needed to use it for something important (i.e. going out etc), where someone would install a random Linux distribution, and where I'd have to learn how to use my phone under that distro, which can be stressful.
Female, 21, United Kingdom
I had several dreams where my cellphone got damaged or broken and in all of them I felt extremely devastated and concerned.
Someone, 28, Argentina
What would make the smartphone better?
I hate that the touchscreen is always in the way. The endless screen means I can't hold it the way I want without interacting involuntarily.
Female, 32, Switzerland
I added a screen timer widget to my home screen. Awareness is the start of change. At first it was shocking how many hours I spend on my phone. But slowly being conscious of how much time I spend on each app, it's helped me be more intentional
Someone, 21, Canada
I like looking at anime girls on my phone (in a non creepy way)
Someone, Somewhere
Do you sometimes go out without your smartphone?
I put my phone in black and white mode and it's improved my relationship with it so much -- I'm not drawn to attention-grabbing notifications and advertisments anymore (since most of those depend on bright colors to intoxicate users), everything I do is intentional now.
Someone, 19, United States
Smartphones are dangerous for an idle mind. Sometimes it takes a lot of resistance to refrain from looking up something shocking that I know will upset me just because I have nothing to do and my phone is in my hand.
Someone, 24, United States
I literally take it off my point of view when I'm committed to focus in anything. If I can see it, I'm totally tempted to use it.
Someone, 24, Portugal
Do you remember a dream that involved your smartphone?
I literally take it off my point of view when I'm committed to focus in anything. If I can see it, I'm totally tempted to use it.
Someone, 24, Portugal
I like way too much how easy is feel connected if I’ve got the phone.
Someone, 29, Mexico
Other, United States
What do you hate about smartphones?
I like hpwo the phpne turns on tand it askes for m password and IThi sghm
Someone, United States
I like that they are convenient for work
Male, 20, Switzerland
I like to make my contacts profile pictures something only i will ever see
Someone, 18, United States
How happy are you about the way you are using your smartphone?
I like
Someone, France
The smartphone would be better if there were no content that makes you addictive.
Female, 29, Switzerland
I have a ritual with my smartphone that consists of that I don't use any smartphone. Dumbphones are my one and only love.
Female, 29, Switzerland
In what ways did your smartphone change your life?
I like sex with my screen
Other, 24, United States
I think I'd have a more successfull social and romantic life if I'd put more effort on posting more on Instagram - however how addictive it is to other people freaks me out.
Female, 28, Brazil
I have a ritual with my smartphone that consists of charging it every night
Someone, Spain
Are you ashamed of any behavior related to your smartphone?
I hate when I'm sleeping and I forgot to off it
Other, 25, Algeria
My relationship with the phone has been changed over the last 1.5 decade, from very initial Nokia 6233 that my dad used to have to the Nokia 6.1 that I have right now. The relation has grown from playing games to becoming an intelligent assistant. It's just surprising to me.
Male, 30, India
I like it when it says people like me
Someone, 26, Switzerland
Do you think your smartphone improves the quality of your life?
Sometimes I dream my hysteric self sent a drunk text again. I wake up look at phone relieved that I didn't.
Female, 26, Switzerland
Sometimes it gives me the feeling that the screen turns on, but when I look at it´s false
Female, 24, Spain
It listens to me sometimes on the sly !!!!
Female, 28, China
What are your strategies to limit your screen time?
I often feel a phantom buzz of a smartphone notification that isn't actually real.
Someone, 27, Australia
I had to put my phone in a locker this weekend (being on a beach and not willing to stress for it being stolen). At some point, i missed it, especially for taking pictures but i also appreciated being able to just look around for a full afternoon.
Someone, 40, Switzerland
Due to the actual covid-19 situation my screen-time has exploded. But my Smartphone has been also a good companion in these moment of confinement.
Male, 40, Switzerland
What feelings do you experience the most while using your smartphone?
My phone is my companion. the first thing I see when waking up, the last thing I see before falling asleep.
Someone, Netherlands
I hate that I depend so much on my phone. And I hate that companies are not forced to ensure longer support or to offer reparation parts, so that we could use the phone more time then just a few years.
Someone, 28, Switzerland
I am shocked when I see a mother or a father browsing her/his smartphone while carrying her/his baby
Someone, 50, Switzerland
Do you feel a need to limit your screen time?
I hate that my partner takes it to bed. I’d rather it be me. :(
Someone, Somewhere
To limit my screen time I use it mainly for work
Someone, Somewhere
My phone changed the way I have access to information immediately
Someone, Somewhere
Do you have a Smartphone?
During the flu season, washing hands has turned into disinfecting the mobile phone
Male, 40, Germany
I like to have information at my fingertip
Male, 57, Netherlands
Made me stupider
Someone, 24, United Kingdom
I hate that people sit at a table and use their phone without speaking to each other
Male, 57, Netherlands
I am embarrassed to be that woman whose husband can't talk to her. When we go to the movies or to the theater I have to ask him to talk to me before the show starts. It sucks.
Someone, Somewhere
The smartphone would be better if there were more shortcuts, like : turn off all social media for the duration of an agenda appointment as setting; one switch for your regularly used apps to have notifications and banners on/off, so smarter for your needs.
Female, 49, Netherlands
My phone changed the way I get a lot of my information. I don't buy maps, I can listen to my favorite news and podcasts and learn a lot. When I take the social media and the distracting apps out of the mix I actually wonderful. The problem is the other is so tempting.
Someone, Somewhere
I'm ashamed of the fact that I spy on other people. I look at people that have bugged me and see what they are doing. It is like Schadenfreude and jealousy all mixed up, and it is not healthy. I should unfollow them.
Someone, Somewhere
To limit my screen time I don't take my phone with me at times, deleted a lot of apps, moved social to the last page, charge it our of my room, bought an alarm clock, refuse to look at it before breakfast, use screen time to track my time and have turned all notifications off.
Female, 49, Netherlands
I hate that people actually get mad at you when you don't answer them right away or if you turn it off.
Female, 49, Netherlands
I listen to podcasts - and learn a lot during otherwise mindless cleaning or other household related chores - . When I interrupt listening with a phone search or call the podcast doesn’t always go back to the list I carefully put together, but it has a ‘default’ podcast: This American Life, and then I find myself trying to get back to the queue I made. I love TAL podcast but want to choose when!
Female, 49, Netherlands
I like being able to make free calls on WhatsApp. My family lives in a different country and I love being able to send them pictures and call them.
Female, 49, Netherlands
I used to take my phone with me everywhere, including my runs. I listened to music and podcasts. Then I realized I would stop my workout to answer a work call. Seriously why? I no longer run with my phone or take it to yoga. I feel so much better, and some of my best ideas come when I don't have my little encyclopedia with me!
Female, 49, Netherlands
I browse on my phone each night. It helps me get to sleep.
Someone, France
When I'm at the farm, sometimes I think my phone buzzes, but it was actually a cow.
Female, 32, Switzerland
I'm ashamed of using my phone more and more to compensate my memory laziness. I had to look up a cousin's name once.
Male, 34, France
I used to have 2 phones, and was often putting one in each pocket of my pants. I sometimes wondered if that could have an impact on my testicles.
Male, 34, France
I just felt with my phone on a chest pocket while skiing. The fucker broke my rib.
Someone, 34, Switzerland
I can‘t shit whitout my phone
Someone, 32, Switzerland
I like the idea of have the whole Internet knowledge in my pocket nearly anytime.
Male, 35, Switzerland
To limit my screen time I put my phone in an other room.
Male, 35, Switzerland
I'm ashamed of looking at my phone while eating with family. Also not being able to don't look at notifications.
Male, 35, Switzerland
one of my students told me that during one of these recent trips to Morocco, the snake charmer used his smartphone with flute music for the snake, and the snake was completely ipnotized
Female, 40, United States
My phone changed the way I see reality and the lives of others. Much less spontaneity in my actions. Being constantly connected disconnects me completely from simple and spontaneous acts. An impromptu meeting. It becomes an empty screen and a protection when you do not want to be confronted with others. And I find it very disturbing. It makes people lose their instinctive cues.
Female, 40, United States
I often dream that I'm filming a situation and posting it on IG story.
Someone, Somewhere
I'm actually sit on toilet with my smartphone.
Someone, 24, Canada
To limit my screen time I disable all notifications & alerts and become more conscious of compulsive behaviors when I just turn it on for no reason. I’m the one in charge, not the other way around.
Male, 33, Switzerland
My phone changed the way I keep in touch with people around the world: it’s a hyper connected (small) world.
Male, 33, Switzerland
When I have to use the light of the screen in restaurants to be able to read the menu.
Someone, 55, Somewhere
Well... I use it now as spectacles to see close or far.
Male, 52, Switzerland
It's addictive.
Male, 49, Somewhere
I leave it on silence and turn it face down.
Male, 52, Switzerland
It certainly helped for some tasks or created new ones, but it surely took away my free time to answer mostly useless or pointless daily requests.
Someone, 47, Somewhere
I hate that it is a corporate Trojan horse into my life.
Male, 50, Somewhere
To limit my screen time I uninstalled Twitter and mass-muted people on Instagram.
Male, 24, Switzerland
I think that we should always keep in mind the real costs (social and environmental) that the production of these devices implies. That shouldn't stop us from using them, but sometime it's good to look at these objects with another perspective.
Male, 55, Switzerland
I'm ashamed of feeling distracted and pulled away from a conversation when I feel that my phone vibrated in my pocket.
Male, 24, Switzerland
I hate that it no longer fits in my pocket.
Someone, 59, Switzerland
My phone changed the way I planned to earn a living. I make apps.
Male, 24, Switzerland
I'm ashamed of taking out my phone when talking with someone, so I always give an explanation and make sure I'm quick to get back to real life.
Male, 24, Switzerland
Every time I look at it I feel worse. I have little desire to at all anymore but I look around and feel I'm the only one that feels this way because everyone else is gazing into theirs.
Someone, 35, United Kingdom
I hate that it is made to be so addictive- it is starting to become hard for society to function without them. One can’t just sit with themselves and their own thoughts, we are all looking to fill that gap with whatever our smartphone could offer. One could say you enjoy life, but not when you are there for only the thrills once sees of other’s lives through a screen. I am guilty as well.
Someone, Somewhere
I hate the fact that it gives me physical pain - my wrist sometimes hurt when I carry my smartphone for an extended period of time.
Someone, 30, Switzerland
My phone changed the way I travelled. Google maps, being able to check websites, Yelp, Airbnb, or public transportation apps are super useful when travelling abroad, if you want to decide last minute/on the spot what to do, where to go.
Other, 31, Switzerland
Every time I go to the toilets and my phone in my back pockets nearly fall in the toilets bowl. It makes me feel very stupid.
Someone, Switzerland
The smartphone would be better if they would be less good. Or to put it differently, do less things better.
Male, 37, Switzerland
As a dumbphone user, I still have not made the jump directly into the smartphone world. Still looking for that 'in-between' -- considering the debate/critiques of how phones dominate peoples lives.
Male, 38, United States
I hate that there are people or companies behind them
Someone, Switzerland
I like their name. They sound quite cheeky
Someone, Switzerland
I like that my smartphone is always here. Even if I am alone and sad.
Someone, Switzerland
With this stupid Face ID to unlock stuff, everything goes so fast when you buy something that when you make a mistake, you have no time to react.
Female, 30, Switzerland
I hate the addiction they create. Even being conscious about it, it's really hard to resist.
Someone, Somewhere
Every time I put my phone in my jeans's back pocket, the Light of the flash turns ON. I Can be talking to people for minutes while not noticing it. After a while, someone who feels uncomfortable says it to me. Every time it makes it feel like a Hi-Tech alternative to "your pants zipper is open" issue.
Someone, 30, Switzerland
Phones are smart, people are not.
Someone, 28, Somewhere
The most productive times I had working at a big company were during mandated "radio silence". This meant that between 13:00 and 16:00 every day, all mail and messenger apps were closed, phones were put on flight mode, and everyone put headphones on.
Male, 39, Germany
My phone changed the way I stand and hold my body. It's definitely exacerbated a pain in my right shoulder, and in my thumb.
Someone, 34, United Kingdom
It can be used on the toilet.
Someone, 29, Switzerland
it often happens that I am looking for my phone, forgetting I am either already holding it in my hands or have it my pocket cause I'm listening to music.
Female, 29, Italy
I hate that I cannot stop looking at it for 30 mins even I just want to check the time.
Female, 25, Netherlands
I have a ritual with my smartphone that consists of turning it completely off before I go to bed, and keeping it on a separate floor in my house.
Someone, 59, Somewhere
With a smartphone I can be an adventurer, an artist, a writer, a businessman... it enhances and enables me to be Robinson Crusoe, James Bond or Martin Scorsese - such a great device!
Male, 34, Switzerland
I'm ashamed of not smoking when trying to socialize, but instead of nicotine, I'm addicted to pixel dust. Most people seem to find that boring, despisable, crass.
Male, Switzerland
The smartphone would be better if the most popular apps would neither sell nor collect any private data.
Female, 30, Switzerland
To limit my screen time I keep my phone mostly offline and always in "Do Not Disturb" mode. Also, jackets with too many pockets, and cases with terrible laces.
Someone, 36, Canada
My smartphone sees me naked more than my significant other. And I can't imagine anyone having a problem with that.
Someone, 36, Switzerland
Thanks to my smartphone and I can see my kid growing while I out there making a living. This is the best time in history.
Male, 35, Switzerland
I hate that people complain about their smartphone because they are unable to discipline themselves.
Male, 35, Switzerland
I hate my smartphone for killing my attention span.
Someone, 35, Switzerland
I'm ashamed of pulling my smartphone out of my pocket as soon as i feel bored or want to avoid social encounter (e. g. in an elevator)
Male, 35, Switzerland
How many nights i've stayed up staring at my smartphone screen, often multiple hours past my bedtime.
Female, 40, United Kingdom
This early Morning my neighbors’ phone in the flat on top of me was vibrating, used as alarm clock probably. This low tone woke me up as well. This vibration being nowadays a trigger to our brain.
Male, 40, Switzerland
I hate talking to people while out of a sudden, their phone vibrates/rings, they look on the screen, perhaps even reply - and you are there, asking yourself whether you should go on talking or wait.... That is impolite in my opinion!
Male, 43, Switzerland
I hate all the dirt of people's face and hand on it
Female, 30, Switzerland
I had a dream where my smartphone was so stressed he needed a Panic Room where he would be able to scream. I then built a little case and I had to put him twice a day inside in order to remain him calm.
Female, 30, Switzerland
I like its presence. Not the online presence of other people. But its own presence.
Female, 30, Switzerland
I hate that I can't remember anything anymore I want to tell someone when I see them. Instead I always immediately text them all the trivial shit that I encounter during the day that I want to share.
Male, 32, Switzerland
It's the first thing I see when I wake up. And the last thing I see before I go to sleep.
Male, 34, France
I hate that I reflexively check my smartphone as soon as the person I'm with leaves me alone for a few minutes.
Male, 34, Switzerland
To limit my screen time I uninstalled the apps that I was spending the most in. I'm very happy that I did so.
Male, 29, Switzerland
I'm ashamed of becoming less present and conscious to myself and others.
Someone, 32, Switzerland
I hate the constant self-marketing forced onto the users by having a constant access to social tools. It transforms people into storefronts.
Someone, 32, Switzerland
My smart phone is killing my marriage.
Someone, Somewhere
I hate how we allow them to fragment and pollute the time we spend with our loved ones.
Someone, 30, Canada
I hate how while giving us the illusion of being connected smartphones are actually the source of isolation.
Someone, 30, Canada
I hate when I have 56 WhatsApp notifications.
Male, 26, Germany
4G and 5G are killing my cells.
Other, 32, Switzerland
I hate the entire selfie craze it has made possible, and the fact that the selfie is often the end to the means of traveling. Why do we have to record every single moment of our lives?
Someone, 59, Switzerland
I have started referring to it as my camera
Someone, 59, Switzerland
I hate that the object itself doesn't reflect its (multi-)function. It's just a cold, black, rectangular, anonymous, piece of hardware
Male, 28, France
The smartphone would be better if there was no feed
Male, 28, France
I hate the environmental & human impact of smartphones. They contain rare metals, child labour, and very little recycling
Someone, 27, France
The fire alarm in my apartment went off because i was heating oil in the kitchen and browsing the internet on my phone next to it not noticing that the oil started to smell really bad.
Someone, 30, Switzerland
The smartphone would be better if it was not designed to fail after a few years
Someone, 27, France
With our smartphones we now lose concentration quicker than a goldfish (eight seconds for us, nine for the goldfish)
Someone, 56, Finland
My phone changed the way I look at TV or watch movies, when was the last time I watched something without the distraction of a second screen?
Male, 44, United Kingdom
I hate that now you’re connected 24/7. This isn’t what I wanted.
Someone, 35, Somewhere
The smartphone would be better if the notifications could be more customised and context aware.
Male, 45, Switzerland
My phone changed the way i go to the toilets, what was distracting me before it..? Nothing as i never really had "toilet books or magazines"
Male, 45, Switzerland
I hate using other people's smartphones.
Other, 34, Switzerland
The perfect smartphone would be able to express his feelings.
Female, 25, Switzerland
My name is Rory and I am a phone addict
Male, 46, United Kingdom
I lovehate my phone
Male, France
I try to not always look up everything that comes to my mind immediately. It is not easy
Someone, 30, Switzerland
Sometimes I feel like wasting my life browsing social media
Female, 31, Switzerland
I hate touchscreens. I need buttons, or something that gives me a haptic feedback
Male, 32, Switzerland